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Fundraising and Donations

We need you!
Helping Hands

Fundraising is an important role of the CSIPTO, as we are responsible for funding $100K+ worth of programs in the 2023-2024 school year. As our school continues to grow, your support in this fundraising effort is paramount.

Your donation fuels all of our programs and events, and directly benefits CSI students. To learn more about how much is needed and how the funds are allocated, please attend our next General PTO Meeting.

If we raise $150 per CSI student, we will surpass our goal of $150,000 for the 2023-24 year!


CSI's Annual Investment Campaign

Make a donation and invest in CSI and your child. We make it easy for you to be an awesome donor! Here are your options.

       1. Donate Online via PayPal (accepts most major credit & debit cards
           as well as offers a recurring donation option) :
Drop a CHECK or CASH in the blue PTO dropbox at the CSI
           Welcome Center.


* Double the impact of your donation to the CSI PTO with corporate matching through your employer administrator. 

* All donations to the CSI PTO are 100% tax deductible! CSI PTO Federal Tax ID 83-1792735

* Email PTO Treasurer with any questions about your donation.

Additional Ways To Donate

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'22/'23 Fundraising Year-In-Review

​Our annual budget is created from funds earned in the previous school year. Fundraising methods, spending needs, and the size of the student body also factor in to our annual budget which is determined and voted on during our first General PTO Meeting of the year. 


Email with fundraising ideas, or available donations of time, talents, goods or services.

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